My clients

Who I have worked with


Compass Media - ELT publisher, USA/Korea -

"Daniel is everything you could ask for in a proofreader. He is very attentive, meticulous, punctual, and easy to work with. He is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him for any type of job." - Lucas Foster, Acquisitions Editor
  • Proofread and copy edited the textbook series ABC Adventures, Hang Out, Reading Shelf, School Subject Readings (2nd edition), Reading For the Real World (3rd edition), Reading Table, Very Easy Reading (4th edition), Writing Drive, Write On, and the junior reader series Katie and TC Mysteries

Seed Learning - ELT publisher, USA/Korea -

“Daniel has been a very good copy editor for our project, and is now familiar with our needs.” Anne Taylor, Acquisitions Editor
  • Proofreader and copy editor of junior reading comprehension books, TOEFL textbooks and the textbook series 4500 Key English Words, Reading for the Academic World, Developing TOEIC and Time to Talk Vocabulary Builder.

Beyond (Korean Air in-flight magazine) -

"Thank you for your work at Beyond. Your professionalism, courteous disposition and detailed edits helped to improve the issues over the months that you worked with us. ... You were valued and appreciated." - Jackie Kim, English Editor
  • Proofreader and copy editor, July - December 2016

Safis Publishing Limited - Publisher,

"Your first proofreading chapter was the best first attempt I've seen! You've clearly familiarised yourself with the house styles and, of course, you asked questions when you needed to, which is great." - Amanda Dacey, Editor
  • Proofreader of IT how-to books, September 2018 - present

AsianCajun Publications - ELT publisher, USA/Korea -

“When it comes to proofreading and copy editing, Daniel Deacon is in a class of his own.”  – Gunther Breaux, ELT author and publisher
  • Proofread and copy edited the textbooks English Pronunciation Practice, Jazz English 1 & 2 (3rd edition), How to Teach and Test English in Korea, Shortcut to Speaking, Talk or Walk and The Top 200 Personality Idioms 

    British Council UAE, Abu Dhabi - 
    • Proofreader and copy editor of education resources produced for Abu Dhabi Educational Council

    Groove Korea -
    • Proofreader, copy editor and writer for Groove Korea, the leading English-language magazine in South Korea, from 2013-2015.

    DongYang Books - ELT publisher, Korea -
    • Writer of English vocabulary definitions and example sentences for high school and university-level English students in Korea 

    Oxford University Press Korea - ELT publisher, Seoul, Korea -


    Ignite Management Solutions - Business consultancy, UK -

    “Daniel has now worked on two web-copy editing and proofreading projects for me; one for a client and one for my own company. On both occasions he provided clear, constructive feedback very rapidly, allowing us to hit tight deadlines. Would highly recommend." – Genevieve Gillard, Director

    • Proofreader and copy editor

    Associate Planet - Managed resources provider, UK - 

    “Daniel has always worked promptly and carefully, and has shown a clear eye for detail. He approaches the work professionally and carefully and we have always been very happy with what he does for us.” – Richard Long, Director
    • Proofreader and copy editor

    Ronalt Ltd - Airport operations training organisation, UK -

    "Daniel has shown a clear eye for detail, clearing up any inconsistencies he came across, and has offered plenty of advice and explanations to what he has changed and why." - Richard Long, Director

    • Proofreader and copy editor
    Chatting Cat - English correction service, USA/Korea -
    • Editor and tutor

    Joshua Dinnerman, website owner, USA -
    • Proofreader and copy editor


    Cleland Thom, CMP, UK -

    "I must congratulate you on your excellent proofreading. You picked up many issues that needed attention, and presented these with clarity and politeness as well as with useful and accurate suggestions." - Jennie Harborth, Project Coordinator (Clean Copy Editing and Proofreading)
    • Proofread the ebook Internet Law

    P.L. Sanga, Hanyang University, South Korea
    "I have been extraordinarily satisfied with your editing services. They're easy to follow and your clean copy saves a lot in critical times... I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues, and I'll keep on working with you."
    • Proofread and copy edited Ph.D. thesis